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These boats were lost during the month of January .


U.S.S. Scorpion (SS-278)  - Lost on Jan 5,1944 with the loss of 77 officers and men in the East China Sea, on her 4th war patrol. It is assumed she was sunk by a mine.

U.S.S. Argonaut (SS-166) - Lost on Jan 10, 1943 with the loss of 105 officers and men off Rabaul, on her 3rd war patrol. While attacking a convoy, she torpedoed a Jap destroyer who along with 2 other destroyers depth charged her. As she tried to surface, the destroyers sunk her by gun fire.


U.S.S. Swordfish (SS-193)  - Lost on Jan12,1945 with the loss of 83 officers and men somewhere near Okinawa, on her 13th war patrol. Probably was lost to a mine.

U.S.S. S-36 (SS-141) - Lost on Jan 20, 1942 with no loss of life, on her 2nd war patrol. She ran hard aground on a reef and radioed for help. The entire crew was rescued by a Dutch ship after they scuttled her.

U.S.S. S-26 (SS-131) - Lost on Jan 24,1942 with the loss of 46 officers and men in the Gulf of Panama, on her 2nd war patrol. She was rammed by the USS PC-460 and sunk within seconds. The CO, XO and one lookout on the bridge, were the only survivors.