Base members who have been qualified in submarines for at least 50 years, USSVI members in good standing, and a member for at least 5 years or a Life member are eligible for Holland Club Membership.  These members satisfy these requirements and deserve our honor.

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Name Qualification Year Qualification Boat
Christodoulou, Nicholas 1944 USS Scabbardfish (SS-397)
Levine, Charles 1944 USS Queenfish (SS-393)
Hogan, Vincent 1946 USS Besugo (SS-321)
O'Hara, Joseph F. 1951 USS  Argonaut (SS-475)
Richards, Michael R. 1953 USS Irex (SS-482)
Rogers, Leland C. 1955 (SSK-1)
Heltz, Dean 1955 USS Segundo (SS-398)
Hayes, William G. 1955 USS Bugara (SS-331)
Pester, Fred J. 1956 USS Argonaut (SS-475)
Sylar, William 1956 USS Cusk (SS-348)
Wagner, Femley R. 1958 USS (SS-405)
Melton, Reed 1958 USS Torsk (SS-423)
Martin, Bobby 1958 USS Tusk (SS-426)