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   March 2011 Visit

Nick Christadoulou displays his collection of submarine signs to members of the USS Haddo Base.  Base members visited our shipmate up in Nashville.

The old stewburner left the cooking to some one else.

Left to right:  Brian Meagher, Lee Tucker, Mike Strake, Dick Noble, George Sims, Dean Heltz (partially hidden), and our host, Nick.

April 2011 Admiral Kelso Visit

Admiral Kelso and ETCS(SS) Rogers discuss the good old days.

Captain Gregg Larson and Admiral Ron Eytchison


May 2011 Holland Club Initiation

Gifts for the Holland Club inductees are lined up and ready to go.

Admiral Cooper is inducted into the Holland Club by Chief "Red" O'Hara.

WWII Submarine Sailors from the Smoky Mountain Base and Haddo Base with Mrs. Lynch.

Holland Club Members from the Haddo and Smoky Mountain Bases.


One of the plaques presented to our Associate members for their service to the Base.

The COB makes a presentation to Evelyn Lynch on her 90th birthday.

The Golden Corral ladies serve cake and cupcake for Evelyn's birthday.

Evelyn's birthday cake.