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The idea of a memorial to honor American submariners originated as a proposal to the E-Board.  The first mention in an offical base document is in the January 2007 minutes, and this document tells of a presentation of the idea to the membership, and the approval of the project by the membership.  A three man project team consisting of Alan Syler, Brian Meagher, R. Lipps and was appointed, and the building of the memorial was underway. 

In February 2007,  Alan Syler presented the “National Cemetery Monument Project” Fundraising Chart and shared with those present some of the problems that were occurring and some approvals obtained.

In March 2007,  Alan Slyer, Monument Project Chairman, reported on the fund raising progress and the fund raising will end on June 30. He then requested funds to start production of the monument stone. A vote followed and the request for funds was approved unanimously. 

March 2007 also saw a visit to the National Cemetery by Luther Tinsley, Dick Noble, and Larry Page.  These gentlemen looked at the facility and its ability to support the dedication ceremony.  The Circle of Honor was chosen as the location, and Larry Page was to supply a portable public address system.

In April 2007, Monument Fund Report at just under 75% of goal and a check was issued to start Memorial production.on the Monument

The May 2007 minutes report that more than 100% of the required cost was raised, and memorial production had started.

In June 2007, the construction of the memorial continued and Haddo Base waited patiently.

In July 2007, Alan Syler reported that the monument engraving has been completed by the contractor and that the stone should be placed at the Chattanooga National Cemetery, Circle of Honor this coming week (16-20 July). Alan provided the members with a photo copy of the monument for their viewing pleasure.

September 2007 - Monument Dedication Committee reported that the Program was completed and invitations would be sent out soon. Richard Noble and Larry Page will do the Mailing and prep work. The program outline was review with those present.

On October 13, 2007 the Memorial was dedicated.


Here is how the announcement of the Memorial appeared in American Submariner.


















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